Welcome to Hope Encounter!

Our misssion at Hope Encounter Ministries of North Texas is to have women of all faith from Johnson/Tarrant counties and beyond to come together and be inspired to experience a Godly encounter that renews dreams, rekindles the flame for their first love, strengthens their relationship with God, and connect them with a supportive community of other women. Hope Encounter Ministires it's a celebration of sisterhood, empowerment, and the unwavering belief that together, through Christ, we can inspire positive change.

Hope Encounter Ministries of North Texas holds an annual 2-day Women's Conference where you will experience practical, Biblical teaching and the most powerful worship in a safe and supportive community of women. No matter your age or background. Conference dates for 2024 are June 7 & 8!

In today’s culture, there is so much pressure to measure up, do it all, have it all, and be it all, many women struggle in discouragement and disappointment which many times leads to depression.
But let me tell you this… HOPE IS HERE!

We HOPE to see you soon at the conference and we are praying for you to experience God through this ministry!

Our Team