Leigh Ann

I have been to Hope Encounter for the last two years and what a joy it has been❣️ I’ve attended many events for ladies over the years tailored to those of us women seeking spiritual enlightenment and HOPE.  The difference between Hope Encounter and other conferences is the intimate setting and the warm atmosphere that surrounds me when I first walk in the door.  The incredible speakers seem to know what’s on my heart—speaking directly to me and what I need to hear and apply to my life❣️

Kris F.

"I initally agreed to attend Hope Encounter Women's Conference to support my friend. I had never been to a gathering like Hope Encounter by myself. I was apprehensive in the beginning only knowing one person there. But the first night, the music was so upliting. Even though, I came alone, I didn't feel lonely. Friday night was such a great witness to those who believe and who gathered to celebrate being a woman and a child of God. God's love filled the room and I felt His presence all night even back at my hotel. The speakers on both days were so encouraging. The Holy Spirit moved me, I was brought to tears by the stories and testimonies. I was even swaying in the aisles while singing the songs. I felt ALIVE and I was ready to tell
someone about God!"

Cynthia A.

"From the moment I sat down until the conference began, I was approached by 3-4 women whom l'd never met. All drawn to me by God. Each telling me that God had put me on their heart. The words spoken confirmed what I had been feeling. I had lacked faith and had fear for so long. I'd lost all hope. I doubted my self worth and feared what my future held. I was consumed by hate, anger and looking for justice that would never come. For almost 2½ years, I was tortured daily with excruciating pain that had no scale.

I was living in HELL. 

Until I came here. God used the women here as vessels to deliver HIS message to me that changed my life. It was like fear was lifted trom me all at once. I was instantly filled with love from women I didn't know. I felt peace that I hadn't felt in a very long time and I had HOPE for my future. At that point, I knew everything was going to be okay. My pain started to subside. I could sit in the chair without much pain. I wasn't angry, I wasn't afraid nor did I care to seek revenge. I heard God say, "LET IT GO. Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord." That's when I knew the chains were broken and I was free. I know now that the Victory is mine. Thank you Hope Encounter for bringing us together. To the ladies who prayed over me, thank you for listening to your heart and acting on it. Thank you to my friend, who has compassion for others and saw that my spirit needed to be revived. You saw in me what I thought l'd lost Thank you for inviting me."

Lisa Schwarz
Founder of Crazy8 Ministries

"It has been such an honor to be part of the Hope Encounter Women's Conference over the last few years. I am blessed by a community leader who has taken initiative to cultivate an atmosphere where women in our community can be encourged, inspired, and empowered. I look forward to watching this conference grow, but most importantly I look forward to watching the lives of women continue to be touched by God's love!"